Honey Glaze Wrap

Honey Glaze Wrap Add-On Available!

Product 1: Honey Heel Glaze

We already told you about the amazing Honey Heel Glaze featured in our Brandied Pear Honey Plum Drizzle blog, but it’s such an amazing product, we feel like we need to share with you even more!

This product is so impressive it was featured in several top magazines and even made it onto Oprah’s O-List. While this is a fantastic product for an “instant pedicure” at home, we are also offering it as an in-spa super moisturizing add-on for your feet OR hands!

Product 2: Marshmallow Melt All-Purpose Shea Butter Balm

Marshmallow Melt All-Purpose Shea Butter Balm

This product has Pure Shea, cocoa and mango butters combined to make an amazing skin conditioning treatment!

The Marshmallow Melt Cream  is great to soften and smooth dry or chapped skin. Not only that, but it fights wrinkles!

The Cocoa butter and Mango butter add moisture to the skin while restoring skin flexibility. The Shea butter penetrates deep into the skin adding vitamins A&E which help improve skin elasticity.

Rachael Ray Every Day says, “Heels, elbows and any other rough patches will feel (and smell) great on contact.”

About the Buffalo Salon Honeyu Heel Service

Honey heel glaze moisture serum application finished with a Marshmallow shea butter massage.

This is being offered as an “Add-On” so after your massage you can continue to be pampered!

Your skin will thank you…

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