NEW! CBD Pedicure & Massage


NEW! CBD Pedicure & Massage

NEW! CBD Pedicure & Massage

Our new CBD spa treatments including a CBD infused pedicure and massage will whip you right into relaxation and really help nourish your skin! 😍

CBD Pedicure: Blissed Out Bubbles

Start this treatment with a creamy vitamin-E rich soak. Skin is softened for a delicious sea salt scrub that buffs until your gleaming. Next, indulge in a bubble mask- this blend of Arnica Montana Flower, aloe, and green tea extract soothes chapped skin. Enjoy an uplifting massage with a body mousse infused with skin nourishing botanical oils and fast absorbing, full spectrum hemp oil- rich in cannabinoids and over 15 vitamins and minerals. Breathe easy as a citrus scent fills your senses!

CBD Massage: Rainbow Maker

Enjoy a warming massage that nourishes skin and brings luminosity with mineral highlights. This botanical massage oil fights free radicals and helps maintain moisture through lycopene-rich watermelon extract & antioxidant oils. Packed chock full of Hi-Bio fast absorbing, full spectrum hemp oil with cannabinoids, this massage is unlike anything else you’ve experienced.

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