NEW! Enriched Peat Retreat Body Treatment


We are excited to share our brand new body treatment: Enriched Peat Retreat! Best enjoyed in earthy pleasures, this treatment will delight you in a moment of pure re-creation.

Enrich me — I’m ready.

Step 1

This rejuvenating treat begins with a warm wholesome milk nectar wrap, crafted with soothing chicory root that calms and caresses skin.

Step 2

Next, a sea salt exfoliation with notes of clove helps you and your skin breathe deep, revealing smooth skin underneath.

Step 3

Then, a purifying, age-old bionutrient peat mud wraps skin in mineral and organic plant compounds that help bring rapid relief for all irritations.

The Grand Finale

If the moist afterfeel and cool silky touch of skin is not enough, you’ll enjoy a light, emollient oil-infused massage lotion with notes of ginger and grapefruit extract to impart essential vitamins to your newly refreshed skin.


Ready to feel relaxed?

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