Honey-Butterscotch Rum & Relax Pedi


Our Honey-Butterscotch Rum & Relax Pedicure is the perfect way to cozy up in the cold weather! This pedicure smells incredible and is just what you need to warm up those senses this winter.


The Experience:

1. Soak

A warm, nectar whole milk and chicory root bath soak brings buttery softness to skin.

2. Exfoliate

Next, you’re exfoliated and massaged in premium aged butterscotch rum, brown sugar and rice bran oil — an exfoliating treat that brings a glisten to skin.

3. Treat

Warm honey glaze, rich with live papaya and pineapple fruit cells, aloe and vitamin E, is painted over legs and feet to nourish the skin.

4. Massage

Last, dollops of a creamy honey and cardamom steeped milk lotion brings a sultry massage finish to this intoxicating 4-layer delight. 


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