New! Perky Peppermint Pedi


Our Perky Peppermint Pedi! This pedicure will breathe new life into your skin & leave your soles feeling super refreshed!

Best Enjoyed:

When you need a wintery wake-up call.

The Mood:

Flawlessly fresh feet!

The Experience:

This invigorating combination of mint and coffee is sure to leave your soles super refreshed. Enjoy the sweet smell of the Candy Cane Champagne soak as it nourishes and softens your skin. The caramel coffee scrub, containing caffeine and Arabica bean extract, exfoliates rough, dry skin while fighting wrinkles and free-radical damage. Add a massage with the antioxidant-rich Red Hot Sparkling Oil, and you’ve got the perfect wintery treat for your feet!

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