New! Red Hot Apple Toddy Pedicure 🍎

New! Red Hot Apple Toddy Pedicure 🍎


Our Red Hot Apple Toddy Pedi! This pedicure slides a cocktail of soft your way! Your silky soft skin will be asking, “Summer, who?”

The Experience:

1. Soak

Begin by dipping toes and fingers into a shimmering soak, bursting with antioxidant-goodness to prep skin before a devilish scrub works its magic.

2. Exfoliate

This exfoliating blend is made from real Kentucky whiskey and brown sugar that exudes all the fall feels.

3. Wrap

Next, you’re nestled with a genuine Texas honey and aloe wrap to lock in moisture. 4. Massage
We finish this happy hour with an antioxidant-filled shea butter massage – so rich and creamy with a splash of grapeseed and olive fruit oils.

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