New! Walking on Sunshine Pedicure


Do your legs and feet need a glow-up? It’s time to take your sensesĀ on a mini beach retreat. We are so excited to introduce our brand new “Walking On Sunshine” pedicure that can do just that!


The experience:

1. Soak

We’ll start off by immersing the legs and feet into a rich, creamy whole and coconut milk soak.

2. Exfoliate

Next, we’ll cleanse and gently scrub to perfection with a whipped sugar, apricot powder, coconut water, and shea butter micropolish.

3. Moisturize

Finally, a custom-blended application of Sweet Cream Body Milk + Clementine Sparkling Soak nourishes legs and feet into glowy perfection.


Best enjoyed:

Beach bumming around

The mood:

Mind and body: crystal cleared


Sound good?
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