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Cleanse, Detoxify, Nourish

Body treatments are designed not only to encourage rejuvenation and longevity but to cleanse, detoxify and nourish the skin. Our wide selection of treatments will meet your most specific needs. Savor the experience. And bring along your family and friends to share it.

Sugar Body Polish

Exfoliate, soften and soothe your skin with a shea butter scrub. Sugar grains and peach stone powder will buff away dryness while enriching shea butter gives your skin a healthy glow. Finish off with an application of nutrient packed shea butter cream. $77

Rescue Me Cactus Toning Treatment

Start by smoothing the skin with the finest grained sea salt scrub. Next a stimulating prickly pear cactus toning gel warms the skin, increases circulation, improving elasticity while helping firm the skins surface. Extracts of ginger root and paprika give the skin a healthy glow. We end the treatment with an application of vitamin rich agave nectar oil to hydrate the skin. $108

Tapioca Mocha Body Renewal

Invigorate your skin with a shea butter exfoliation with warm scents of caramel and coffee. Next, renew your skin with a rich masque of tapioca, rice, glycolic and fruit based AHA's. Finally, top it off with sweet cream lotion to lock in moisture. $108

Enriched Peat Retreat

First, we will reveal your smooth skin with a whipped honey sea salt scrub. Next, purify and detoxify with a peat mud masque that will remove impurities and balance the skin. Last, you'll receive an application of emollient oil infused lotion with ginger and grapefruit to impart essential vitamins to your skin. $108


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It's Elementary

The massage technique is slow paced. Expect long, firm strokes such as elbow to shoulder and back. Definitely great for relieving stress and relaxing the body.
Our recommendation – client who have never experienced a massage before start here $94

Even Tempered
Hot Stone 

This massage is an ancient Chinese technique. We start by warming the muscles with Swedish massage techniques. Perfectly heated stones become an extension of the hands. The added heat from the stones help to quickly relax tense muscles. Some of the benefits are improved circulation, better temperament, and a feeling of well-being. $122


We are not of the belief that added pain is the best for healing. An expert therapist can apply pressure reaching deeply into the muscle without causing you to hold your breath. This massage is ideal for addressing chronic pain that develops from day to day repetitive activity. Lifting boxes, poor posture when sitting, heavy bookbags or briefcase strain… and more.  $105

Grinning Ear to Ear
Reflexology Massage

The technique uses the fingers and hands of the therapist to work on the ears, hands, and feet. This ancient method improves flexibility and circulation.  $88

Customized Aromatherapy Massage

Enjoy a full body treatment using techniques that help increase circulation, improve range of motion and create a greater sense of well being. Aromatic essential oils extracted from plants, flowers and herbs induce relaxation of the nervous system, beautify the skin and ease tired, tense muscles. $96

Ultimate Aromatherapy Bath with Swedish Massage

Imagine yourself in an antique aromatherapy bathtub. You will receive a head, neck and shoulder massage for half hour, then retire for a one hour full body massage. $130

Hydrotherapy upgrade $10

(Bathing Suit Required For Both)

Maternity Massage

You've earned this one, so relax and reclaim your body for an hour. On a special maternity massage table designed for your comfort, this soothing massage relieves leg cramping and increases circulation. $94

(It is not recommended to have this massage in your first trimester)

Anti-Stress Scalp Treatment

Inspired by Asian techniques this aromatherapy massage treatment, especially for the scalp, neck and shoulders creates a state of deep relaxation. With a special concentration of essential oils, this treatment helps to release tension and pressure due to sinusitis and migraines. $70

(Hydrotherapy upgrade $10)

His and Her Massage

Share the experience. Choose your massages and enjoy them at the same time in adjoining rooms. Excuria features separate men's and women's changing rooms.



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